ALTAVISTA LIVING: An ideal place to call home

Altavista’s name is a direct reference to the beautiful views our community offers. Nature gave us the stunning beauty of the Appalachian Mountain range, which is enjoyed by the many visitors who travel the Blue Ridge National Parkway each year. We’re also blessed with breathtaking lakes, streams, forests, and so much more that encourage active lifestyles. Whether your passion is motorcycling, biking, hiking, climbing, hunting, fishing, camping, or water sports, you’ll find plenty to do.

Our community is also a family-friendly place, with quiet neighborhoods served by safe streets, and residents who still look out for each other. The cost of living is attractive, led by very affordable housing of all types and low-cost utilities. Local K-12 schools continue to be recognized among the state’s best, and opportunities for higher education abound.

We’re particularly proud of the Altavista Area YMCA, which has become our community’s centerpiece. With affordable childcare and an amazingly wide range of activities, it keeps local families healthy, happy, and active.


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