TAXES & INCENTIVES: Providing a solid foundation for continued success.

Altavista’s community leaders understand the importance of strong businesses to a healthy community. It’s something we share with Campbell County and Virginia’s state government. We demonstrate that in one way by working with local companies to help them accomplish their goals. Local government officials are eager to cooperate, and we’re proud of the low taxes and stable community that leads companies to make long-term investments here.

Another way we demonstrate our commitment to healthy businesses is through a variety of generous incentive programs that reward companies for investments, and that support their efforts to start and grow operations in our area. Your business is more than a groundbreaking or ribbon cutting ceremony. We see it is an opportunity for a lifelong partnership to help your company grow.

Further evidence of the strong work ethic that’s at the heart of Altavista is that “right-to-work” isn’t a new concept here. Local workers believe that a paycheck is something to be earned, not an entitlement. That same spirit has led Virginia to stand proudly as a right-to-work state.