TECHNOLOGY: The perfect fit for data centers and call centers

Altavista, Virginia may not be one of the first technology corridors that springs to mind, but savvy tech companies that need safety, redundant utilities, eager workers, and a great quality of life will find a great deal to like here.

Beyond the natural security (and beauty) afforded by our mountain setting and its minimal seismic activity, Altavista is located along a major fiber trunk and powered by electricity from redundant systems. We also have an abundance of fresh water to supply complex cooling systems for large processor arrays.

Developers of data and call centers will also appreciate access to a large pool of eager, highly trained workers who take pride in high-quality efforts. Local educational resources can work with employers to deliver the specific training companies need. Altavista is also located in an area that is free from natural and manmade hindrances to a secure data center.