UTILITIES: Abundant utilities at delightfully affordable rates

If your company’s success depends upon access to resources and utilities, you’ll find an abundance of what you need in Altavista, Virginia. From deep sources of pristine fresh water to electricity, steam, and other utilities, we’re a resource-rich community.

Food and beverage companies — as well as others that depend upon access to large quantities of water — appreciate the clarity of our natural water sources that need minimal treatment before being used. That’s why companies such as Abbott Nutrition chose to locate major production operations in our community.

Our electric utility, Dominion Virginia Power, has a well-earned reputation for delivering reliable, affordable electricity with a redundant infrastructure that ensures your company will have power when needed. Their commitment to the environment is demonstrated by the local generation facility that has the capacity to produce our area’s power using 100 percent renewable biomass fuels. Dominion Virginia Power also supplies industrial quantities of steam in some areas, providing abundant capacity for chemical, glass-making, aluminum, and fertilizer manufacturing operations.